Useful Links to Christian Web Sites

A Book Purchase

  • Finding Any Book
    Abebooks is a worldwide search engine connected to new and used bookstores. You will be able to find books at great prices here. You'll really enjoy it and save a lot of money for the Lord's work. Just type in the details that you know about the book and let abebooks find you the least expensive copies! It's that simple!
  • The Best Study Bible Available
    This is the website for the new edition of the Reformation Study Bible. Edited by R.C. Sproul, the study bible features sinel-column scripture, new beautifully typography, and helpful cross-references.  

Bible: Authenticity & Translations

    • Bible Gateway
      Check here first! This site has many popular Bible translations including NIV, NASB, NKJV and The Message as well as some commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, concordances, dictionaries and lexicons.
    • Can We Trust Today's Bible?
      Dr. Christopher Marshall (Bible College of New Zealand) addresses several commonly asked questions. Can we trust the Bible? Weren't the people then very primitive? How accurate are our modern translations? Is the Old Testament really reliable? A very good synopsis.
    • Bible Study Tools
      Many translations as well as some commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, concordances, dictionaries and lexicons.
    • Is The Bible Accurate?
      Hank Hanegraaf (The Bible Answer Man at Christian Research Inst.) writes an important article discussing the unique place of the Bible in our world today. Don't assume that there are errors. Do your own research.


  • Study Light
    Has many translations to choose from.
  • Unbound Bible
    Many translations in English, Greek, Hebrew and a myriad of current foreign languages.

Church Leadership

  • Biblical Eldership
    Excerpts from an article regarding the roles and responsibilities of elders as detailed in the Bible.
  • Spiritual Leadership Pt. 1
    In this two-part article, Oswald Sanders, the man who wrote the book 'Spiritual Leadership', describes who should be at the helm of our churches today.
  • Spiritual Leadership Pt. 2
    Dr. J. Oswald Sanders concludes his comments about leadership in our churches today.

General Resources

  • Robert's Rules of order
    There comes a time when almost every leader of ministry head or manager needs to know some simple guidelines to guiding discussions. Historically, Robert's Rules have been that foundation.

God Talk: Theology God Talk: Theology

  • Berkhof's Summary of Christian Doctrine
    This is the short version of a Systematic Theology by one of the foremost theologians.
  • Calvin's Institutes
    Perhaps you've heard about it but never read it. You could check it out here. John Calvin was one of the foremost theologians of all time. His grasp of Scripture was outstanding.
  • Carnal Christian??
    I'm a Christian, but I'm just not an obedient one! Do you know someone like this? Ernest Reisinger has written the definitive work on this subject with solid Biblical references. Take the time to read and understand what God has to say about this misunderstood concept.
  • Church History
    Dr. A.A. Hodge discusses three views throughout history and how they worked themselves into modern-day Arminianism and Calvinism and others. This is a deep article and it may take more than one casual pass to absorb it all.
  • Church History - The Hall of Church History
    Theology From A Bunch Of Dead Guys. This is a rather famous site maintained by Phil Johnson. There are many original documents on the site. You can get lost in here for weeks!
  • Creeds of Christendom
    Want to look up one of the creeds that are often recited in churches? Nicene Creed? Apostles' Creed? This is the place to start.
  • Definitions
    Ever want to know what a theological word really means? Look it up right here.
  • End Times Viewpoints
    This site has descriptive graphs representing each of the most commonly held end times views.
  • Sketches of Church History
    This is a link to the classic book by Rev. J. C. Robertson, Canon of Canterbury. These volumes trace church history from the 12 Apostles all the way up to the Reformation in 1517. You can read it all first hand for yourself.
  • The Five Solas
    The Five Solas is a Latin term referring to five main points of good theology. These solas are what distinguished the leaders of the Protestant Reformation. Do you know them? Click this link and unite with some of the great Christian minds of the past.
  • The Reformed Faith
    Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield gives a brief (but somewhat deep) explanation and overview of what someone who says they are Reformed actually believes. Read it. It may surprise you!
  • Topics and Terms
    Look up almost any topic in theology and get the best Reformed answers.
  • Westminster Confession of Faith
    Written in the 17th Century, this documents still rings truie today. It is part of our denomination's theological standard.
  • Westminster Larger Catechism
    Here is the third ingredient in the standards of our denomination. It is shown here with Scripture proofs. Written centuries ago, it bears witness to the fact that all truth is God's truth.
  • Westminster Shorter Catechism
    This document has been hailed throughout the centuries for its conciseness and accuracy. It too is one of the standards of our denomination.
  • What Is The Gospel?
    Dr. Loraine Boettner discusses the distinctions between man-centered religion and God-centered religion. This is a deep but rewarding article. You may want to print it out so that you can refer to it over and over.
  • Who Chose Whom?
    Pastor John MacArthur addresses the issue called Election or who really does the work of salvation? What does the Bible have to say about this subject? Do you know for sure?

In-Depth Study Helps In-Depth Study Helps

  • Book of Genesis - Gleaning in Genesis
    Not tremendously deep, but one of the more widespread and well-known works on this first book of the Bible. Written by A.W. Pink.
  • ISBE (Bible Encyclopedia)
    This is the earlier edition of the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - a multi-volume work. You may look up places and people here. An excellent place to start your research.
  • John Gill's Bible Exposition
    Gill's Commentary has withstood the test of time. Quite accurate!
  • Matthew Henry Bible Commentary
    This is Henry's Six Volume Bible Commentary. Long reputed to be one of the better and more accurate commentaries. You can examine his notes on any book of the Bible by connecting to this site. Just scroll to the Book and the the Chapter that you are investigating. Give it a try.
  • Pink's Library
    Over twenty volumes written by A.W. Pink are located on this site. Books such as commentaries on Joshua, Hebrews, Exodus and others. Also works such as "Profitting from the Word of God" and "The Sovereignty of God". There are also works on the Doctrines of Election, Justification, Reconciliation and Sanctification. There are separate volumes on the Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, The Lord's Prayer and The Ten Commandments. This is the life's work of a great saint, and it's free!
  • Psalms — Spurgeon's Treasury of David
    This is a collection of sermon notes from Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the "Prince of Preachers". It was originally published as a three-volume work. Look up any Psalm and gain some excellent insights from Spurgeon's research.
  • Wm. Smith's Bible Dictionary
    Go to the bottom of this link and click on the first letter of the word you want to examine. Look up any name or place from the Bible. Want to know what Bethlehem means? Where it's located? What about Bethsaida? Bethel? Bethaven?

Other Religions

  • Apologetics Index
    Apologetics Index provides 13,044 pages of research resources on world religions, religious cults, sects, new religious movements, alternative religions, apologetics-, anticult-, and countercult organizations, doctrines, religious practices and world views. These resources reflect a variety of theological and/or sociological perspectives.
  • Baha'i
    Watchman Fellowship Profile on the Baha'i faith.
  • Black Muslims (Nation of Islam)
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of the Nation of Islam.
  • Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    This is a laundry list of many cults and differing beliefs. Quite helpful.
  • Christian Science
    Watchman Fellowship Profile on Christian Science.
  • Course in Miracles
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of A Course in Miracles.
  • Hare Krishna
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of Hare Krishnas or ISKCON.
  • Islam
    Answering Islam is a site to inform the genuine Islamic inquirer regarding some of the truths of Christianity.
  • Jehovah Witness
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of Jehovah Witnesses (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society).
  • Mormons
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).
  • New Age
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of the New Age Movement (NAM).
  • RLDS
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  • Scientology
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of Scientology and the offspring of L. Ron Hubbard's fertile mind.
  • Seventh Day Adventism
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of Seventh Day Adventism.
  • TM or Transcendental Meditation
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of TM or Transcendental Meditation - religion founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
  • Witchcraft/Wicca
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of Witchcraft and Wicca.
  • Word-Faith Movement
    Watchman Fellowship Profile of the Word-Faith Movement. This following is also known as Prosperity Gospel, Easy-Believism or Health and Wealth Gospel. Proponents would include Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland.

The Bible and Science Issues

  • Answers in Genesis
    This is the link to a ministry founded by Ken Ham. There are now quite a few speakers and writers associated with this ministry. Many common questions are addressed here. Check it out!
  • Archaeology and the Bible
    Want to follow a lead about some archaeological discovery? Wondering how it might relate to the Bible and Bible times? Get answers here.
  • Carbon Dating
    Every want to know about carbon dating? Have you wondered, "Exactly how do they know something is 50,000,000 years old?" Read about it here.
  • Dinosaurs and Humans?
    Read a little about some interesting facts regarding the timing of dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaurs: Where did they go?
    Become informed. Do thorough research. You may be surprised by what you discover.
  • God Doesn't Waste His Efforts
    This article supports the conviction that there may not be "junk" DNA! These Harvard scientists now believe that the genome may be far more involved and inter-connected than previously believed.
  • Intelligent Design Theory
    This is really the death-blow for evolutionary thought. Wm. Dembski and others have marshalled significant validations so that it is no longer intelligent to believe in evolution. Go ahead. Check it out!
  • Life Origins
    Given enough time, almost anything could happen - Right? Even man could evolve from a single cell organism - Right? Even life could evolve from non-life - Right? Big Bang Theory? Right? Mark Eastman, M.D. has detailed out this fascinating and intelligent argument. Take some time and read this article and consider the possibility that there may be a Creator Who still exists! Read with an "open" and not an "empty" mind.
  • Reasons To Believe
    A fine site supporting the Christian creationist viewpoint.
  • Scientific Creationism
    Must evolution be accepted as fact? Are there Christians who are scientists who have differing opinions? Read all about it!
  • Scientists Speak About Ancient Man
    Read quotes from prominent scientists. Examine their own words and decide for yourself which is theory and which is fact.

Today's Culture

  • A Common Church Mistake
    Click to see a short movie about a fatal flaw many churches may make today. Be grounded in the Word of God!
  • Characteristics of Maturity
    Dr. J.I. Packer wrote the best-selling classic "Knowing God." In this short essay, he describes some of the characteristics of the mature man or woman. How do you stack up?
  • Crosswalk Movie Reviews also reviews movies for you and lets you know of any objectionable material before you spend your money.
  • FOTF Movie Reviews
    Check out movies before you see them. Focus on the Family is a Christian Family-Centered organization that has been monitoring culture trends for years. At this site you should be able to find a review of almost any current and past movie. They will tell you about objectionable material and why.
  • Not Married & Living Together?
    Here is a lot of information for anyone who wants to know the facts. Learn what you're getting in to before it happens. Learn why it's attractive. Learn about the upside and the downside. Be informed.
  • Pray for Your Pastor
    Dr. Gardiner Spring was an influential minister in his day (1850's). In this short essay he urges parishoners everywhere to continue steadfastly in prayer for ministers. Today, more than ever, ministers require our prayers!
  • Preaching Today
    Prof. T.M. Moore examines the dearth of biblical preaching from our pulpits today. Perhaps this is the "Frog in the Kettle" Syndrome because so few even recognize a problem?
  • Sexual Sin
    Christians wrestle with sin all the time, - and especially sexual sin. Paul David Tripp is a counselor who spends untold hours addressing this very issue. Read what he has to say on the subject.
  • User-Friendly Churches?
    Pastor John MacArthur addresses this oft-asked question. Perhaps you've never thought deeply about the ramifications? Consider and think about his words.
  • What Really Is Sin?
    Dr. Gardiner Spring details the specifics of sin as it relates to God. We often think of sin as some small and menial thing that seldom offends anyone. The writer takes a completely different viewpoint (God's viewpoint) and supports the view with God's own words. Learn what God tells us in His own Word about sin.
  • What To Look For In A New Church Home
    Pastor John MacArthur (Grace Comm. Church in Sun Valley, CA) addressed this very question in a sermon some years ago. It still applies today. Make sure that you only leave a church for the right reasons and that you quickly find the church that you should be at!