Sunday Schools (9:00-10:00AM)

Adult Sunday School

Adult electives offer an opportunity to study the Bible in greater detail on Sunday morning with other Christians before the church service begins. It's a more interactive time, providing you with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss more focused topics.


  • Teacher: Dr. Jan Sattem
  • Location: Worship Center
  • Time: 9:00-10:00AM
  • Content: Acts: The Spreading Fame of Christianity

The class is intended to be an overview of the Acts of the Apostles. It covers two Sunday School quarters since there are 28 chapters in the book. Every class is a unit onto itself. We will be dealing with the first 12 chapters during the winter quarter ending on the last Sunday of February. The second quarter, during Spring ends on the last Sunday of May. We hope to be through all 28 chapters at that time. No prior Biblical knowledge or training is required for the class - just a willingness to learn and grow as a genuine Christian.


2. 1st & 2nd Thessalonians

  • Teacher: Mr. Michael Plunkett
  • Location: The conference room
  • Time: 9:00-10:00AM
  • Content:   


Children's Sunday School

  • Nursery: Mrs. Wolfe
  • 1st through 5th grade: Mrs. Sattem
  • Jr./Sr. High: Mr. Utermahlen

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