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Sunday Worship Service

Focus of Worship

We meet at 10:30 each Sunday morning at 3151 East FM 518 (Deke Slayton HWY) in League City, TX. Our worship service on Sunday morning is intentionally focused on celebrating God and giving him praise, glory, and honor through joyful music, heart-felt prayer, and the reading and expository preaching of His Word through books of the Bible in an applicable message that always points to Christ and his gospel. At the same time, we want the person who is exploring the claims of Christianity or seeking to know more about God to have the opportunity to do that in an atmosphere that is welcoming and open to their questions and needs. Here's what you can expect in a typical worship service that usually lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.  

Order of Worship

  • Welcome and Anouncements 
  • Call to Worship
  • Invocational Prayer 
  • Worship through Song 
  • Verse for Confession 
  • Prayer of Confession 
  • Assurance of Pardon 
  • Worship through Song
  • Profession of Faith 
  • Pastoral Prayer
  • Worship through Offering
  • Sermon
  • Celebration of The Lord's Table (First Sunday of the month)
  • Worship through Song
  • Benediction

Our Style

  • Music: Upbeat and worshipful singing throughout the service, including both contemporary music and a few well-known hymns.
  • Prayer: Heartfelt communication with God
  • Giving: An offering is a voluntary part of worship for our members. It is a way of expressing our gratitude to God. Visitors need not feel they have to give.
  • Scripture Reading: We often hear or read together a portion of God's Word.
  • Message: Expository preaching through books of the Bible that is applied to everyday life and is always focused on Christ and the gospel.
  • Fellowship: We fellowship over coffee between Sunday School and Worship Service.